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Where artistry comes first
Image by Blanca Paloma Sánchez

What Sets Us Apart?

Our training is not 2 day packed classes where you're sent home with a certificate and no confidence in the new skill you just learned.


The truth is, it takes TIME to learn a new skill and even more time to become a great artist.


That's why at RPM Academy we offer ongoing mentorship to students who have completed one of our 5 day classes. We  host regular practice days at our La Jolla clinic where you can continue to grow your skills by working on models in a licensed facility. You will also have the opportunity to apprentice with Vanessa! This offers unique behind the scenes look at how procedures are done day to day at our clinic.


If you are traveling to take our in person training you will still receive ongoing mentorship virtually.  Vanessa will help you as you work on clients and offer advice as you need it, you can send her a photo of who you will be working on before your appointment and Vanessa will assist with color selection, shape, technique and more. 


You are not alone!


What happens Once you have completed your mentorship?


Depending on your dedication and skill, you have the opportunity to eventually work as a resident artist at our clinic and join the RPM team! If that is not an option then we help you on your journey by giving you advice on how to open your own body art facility.  Including advice on how to market your skills to find clients. 


Here at RPM Academy, your success is our #1 priority!


Meet your Mentor

Vanessa is a pioneer in the medical tattoo industry working alongside plastic surgeons developing techniques to address loss of pigment at a time when virtually no one was doing it.  

She specialized in hair stroke  brows aka Nano, years before it became mainstream. Her background in body art, makeup artistry and fine art combined with 20 years experience sets her apart from other trainers.


For the past 20 years she has focused on perfecting her skills and on serving her clients, highly in demand on word of mouth alone. 


In 2022 she decided it was time to teach and opened Restorative Permanent Makeup and Academy in La Jolla. 


Why go to another training when you can learn from the BEST!! 



Apply to the RPM Academy

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